Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Alice:  Science was pretty interesting today.
Me:  (My eyes brighten)  Really?
Alice:  Yeah.  We learned about this guy....  I think his name was Darwin.
Me:  Sounds right.
Alice:  You've heard of him?
Me:  Uh-huh.
Alice:  (Gives me a look like I'm kidding... )  Are you sure?
Me:  Darwin?  Yup.  I'm pretty sure I've heard of him.  But maybe I'm wrong... tell me what you learned.  
Alice:  Well.  About giraffes.  Like, this is just an example.  But say most giraffes had really short necks and ate grass.  But some giraffes had really long necks so they could eat the tops of trees and because the short-necked giraffes ate all the grass, they starved, but the long neck ones survived! 
Me:  (I was ready to die happy right then, but it got better.)
Alice:  But then there was this other guy.  Lamarck.  And he thought that the giraffes got that way because they just kept stretching their necks to reach higher and higher into the trees when the grass ran out.
Me:  And was he right?
Alice:  No, because even if they really did stretch their necks out like that, you don't pass that on to your kids.

Praise the Lord.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just saw Quentin Tarantino

Morelia's 7th annual International Film Festival  started today and Quentin Tarantino is this year's special guest so when we went to the theatre this afternoon I brought my camera because, I said, ya never know, Quentin might be there!  

My husband once downloaded the entire script of Pulp Fiction and has been known to recite whole sections at inappropriate times.  So when we realized Tarantino was arriving at the theatre for real, I stood with the photographers and tried very hard to get a photo for him.   I got a lot of photos of photographers' hair.  But Geoff got to see Tarantino turn and wave to the crowd.
Tarantino's forehead is in the last photo.  Does anyone know who the guy is in the sunglasses?