Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goodbye Friend

Left  Morelia Saturday on a 7 a.m bus to visit Troncones, a small beach town on the Pacific, for the three day weekend.   All I could really think about was the email I'd gotten the night before saying one of my friends from college (age 53) had had a stroke while skiing in Colorado and was in a coma.  Because even the remotest locations in Mexico now have internet, I knew on Sunday that it was actually a burst cranial aneurysm, unrepairable, and that my friend's organs were being harvested.  This last part turned out to be a bigger comfort to me than I expected.   With the help of a phone in a little grocery store I was able to grieve and cry with another friend in the states.

At sunset my husband and daughter and I went to a sea turtle release on the beach.  We were asked to select a turtle from a plastic tub,  then set it down and watch it make it's way to the water.  This turned out to be fitting somehow on the day my friend was dying.  Something about the fragility of life, being assigned that one life randomly to identify with, feeling the amazing strength even the smallest creature is born with, watching it push itself toward the water's edge with such innate determination, the beauty of the sunset....   It came home that there are an awesome number of unknown things that can happen in a life, a lot of them not-good, but helping others and touching others and all the beauty around us make the awful and scarey parts worth it.

There are families today grateful for what Tody gave them in the way of her kidneys and liver.  She gave me friendship, good food, and shared her family and friends with me.  She widened my world in a nice way.  She is my first inner-circle friend to die and thinking about her life as a whole, I'm impressed and inspired.  Way to go, Tody.  I'll be thinking about you plenty.


  1. beautifully written Cyndie--it is a hard thing to lose a friend--I'm sorry...xoxo

  2. Cyndie-
    What a beautiful way to send Tody off...you have such a way with words. And what a GREAT photo of Tody. Thanks. Love, Mary Jane