Thursday, April 15, 2010

Butterflies on the March

March 21st, the first day of Spring, coincides with Benito Juarez's birthday.  Juarez was president of Mexico in the 1850-60's, the first native Indian president, and a Mexican hero. His birthday is a national holiday.  Like in the US, the big national holidays are now all celebrated on Mondays to give students and workers the benefit of three day weekends. But the real first day of Spring is always the day of the Spring parade here in Morelia.  

This year the parade fell on a Friday and I MISSED IT because I was sick and slept in and wasn't  thinking  about the calendar!  So I was depressed the whole rest of the day because the Spring parade is one of my all time favorite events.  All the nursery school kids and kindergarteners dress like butterflies, bees, and furry animals and march the mile from our end of town to the front of the main cathedral.  In a city of a million, that's a lot of cute costumes.  When I finally got up to go to the pharmacy I met one post-parade straggler who happily posed for a photo.  Fortunately I have an archive of photos to share from other years.

If I was the governor of Morelia, I would make it a crime for mothers and teachers to get in the way once the parade has begun.  It's so hard to take good photos with all the adult intervention.  I like my bumble bees and butterflies unobstructed!  

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