Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Male, 8 weeks
My daughter, now 15, is involved with an animal rescue group (GHAPAD) here in Morelia  and thinks she might want to be a vet, which in Mexico means she could try to get into vet school right after high school. Although we already had a cat and a rescue dog, last year we answered the group's call for someone to care for four, three week old kittens. Little kittens w/o mothers are very prone to illness and they die incredibly quickly and its pretty heartbreaking. We lost two even with loads of coaching from knowledgeable friends and veterinarians. The two surviving kittens went on to good homes and have been spayed, so we are proud of that.

The black one is a female
Recently we were contacted about two more abandoned kittens. (There had been three and one had already died.) We took them in and things went quite a bit more easily. For one thing we switched from syringe feeding to using food coloring bottles.

Now these kittens are ready for adoption -- they eat solid food, are litter trained, and have been deparasited by a vet. I hope they find good homes like the other two did and are spayed and neutered so they don't continue the over-population of unwanted animals.

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